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For lovers of the countryside

Camping ‘les Bergeries’

This small farm site provides space for those who love nature and the geniality of the French countryside.

There is a field with a splendid view over the meadows. You can choose a place for yourself. There is an outdoor kitchen with hot and cold water, electricity and a clean sanitary room with two showers, two sinks, a toilet and washing machine.

There are play areas for the children such as trampolines, a climbing frame, go-kart, playhouse etc. The nearest lake with sandy beach, water slide and playground is 10 minutes away.

We ask € 15, - for 2 persons and your caravan / tent / camper each night and € 2.50 for the use of electricity. For several people, we ask € 2.50 pp.

For using the washer, we ask € 3, -


Are you interested in staying on Bergeries? Please contact us. Using the form below